In Situ Soil Blending 
July 28th, 12:00 - 1:00PM

Brantley Rudd with Exo Tech will review an in situ soil blending project in Crozet, VA. The purpose of this treatment was to reduce concentrations of chlorinated solvents in the soils from ground surface to 27 feet.

Brantley has been in the environmental field for over 18 years. His experience ranges from Phase I site assessments to multi-phase remedial plans. He has currently been with Exo Tech for over 12 years and has designed and implemented remediation plans throughout the South East. He has designed and implemented remediation plans as simple as, a small surfactant injection to large In-Situ blending projects. Brantley first got into the environmental industry working for an environmental consulting firm operating a dual purpose drill rig (auger and direct push technology) and assisted on Phase I/II/III property assessments, RCRA investigations, hazardous and petroleum assessments, Brownfield Investigations, Asbestos/Lead inspections, and Landfill investigations.